Breaking Ground

From the outside looking in, it probably appears that things have been really quiet around the shop lately. But on the inside, we've been buzzing with activity and making some new moves.

And when we say new moves, we really mean it. That's right, we are MOVING! 

We have been working out of a little shop in Orangeburg for years now. It was originally a one-room unfinished lean-to that Joseph has converted into the now four-room "almost finished" shop. It's cozy, but cramped, overflowing with wood and not as climate controlled or as energy efficient as we would like. You can get a feel for the old shop by checking out JWNPhoto's recent photo essay on us.

So after a few years of planning and preparation, we finally broke ground on our new 1,400 sq. foot shop today. We are not moving very far, only about 40 minutes away into a tiny town called Eutawville. American history enthusiasts may recognize this town for being near the location of the infamous Battle of Eutaw Springs during the American Revolution.

Anywho, we are beyond thrilled and are excited to watch our business literally grow. The new shop won't be much larger than our present shop, however it will be a much more open space so the building process will actually "flow" more smoothly, thus making us more efficient. There will also be more wall storage (wood racks) and even a small room in the back to be used as a studio/finishing space. 

Here is a photo of the lot this morning, still rather undisturbed:

And here is a shot of Joseph and friends clearing out a large Hickory tree:


We will probably harvest some of this Hickory to use as material in a few years. We hated to see it go, but three large and shady Oaks were spared as a result.

We can't wait to share the progress with you all as we move along, and we'd really like to thank all of our friends, family and supporters for helping us reach this milestone. This won't be an easy process, but we are approaching this just as we would approach handcrafting a new design: "Anything worth doing is worth doing right." - Hunter S. Thompson